2009        Newsweek International (02/02/09)  "To Stop Dissent, Call it Smut" by Evgeny Morozov

2008        The New York Times Magazine - Cover (09/14/08) "The Bipolar Kid" by Jennifer Egan    

                 The New Yorker ( 06/03/08) "The Itch" by Atul Gawande

2007     Washing Post Magazine (12/30/07) " Cracked'                                                                                                                                                                 .                New York Time’s Magazine (03/04/07) “Out There” by Richard Panek

                 New York Magazine (01/08/07) “My Adventures in Psychopharmacology” by Gogo Lidz  

2006     Harper’s Magazine (11/07)  

              New York Times, Science (cover 09/26/06) “Is Hysteria Real?” by Erika Kinetz

           New York Magazine (07/31/06) “The Fall of the House of Bartha” by Geoffrey Gray

           New York Times Magazine (07/02/06) “Déjà vu, Again and Again” by Evan Ratliff

2004     Details (December) “You Thought Your Family Was Crazy” by Anthony Swofford

2003     Newsweek (Japanese edition) (12/16/03) “The End of the Internet”

                 The New York Times Magazine (09/28/03)

                 “What if there is something on in there?” by Carl Zimmer

                  Discover (September) “Breathless” by Tony Dajer

                  Fortune (01/20/03) “This tunnel has an end”,by Justin Fox

2002        American Photography 18

     Fortune (December)

     Psychology Today (November/ December)

                 “Moms who kill” by Mark Levy  (November) “Repeat After Me”

     Psychology Today (August) “Making Amends” by Beverly Engel

                  Fortune (July) “Red Ink Runneth Over” by Jeffrey H. Birnbaum

     GQ (June), “The Lessons of Danny Pearl”, by Christopher Whitcomb

     The New York Times Sunday Magazine (03/31/02)

                 “The Struggle with Celibacy” by Lorenze Albacete Harper’s (April) “Visiting Hours” by Judy Budnitz

           Discover (April)

            Esquire (February) “Anxiety is Funny. Panic is Hard”by Peter Mehlman

      Discover (January), “Who’s that? By John Pettinat and “The Quiet Killer”, by Eric Haseltine

2001         Newsweek (12/10/01)

                 “Justice Kept in the Dark”, by Evan Thomas and Michael Isikoff and “Keeping Order in the Courts” by Jonathan Alter

     The New Yorker, (11/26/01)“Virtual Love”, by Tad Friend                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .                 Discover(October) “Seeds of Psychosis”

            Newsweek International (08/21/01)

            Newsweek Asia (Cover) (08/20/01)

     “Death by Conformity” by George Wehrfritz

      The New York Times Sunday Magazine, (05/06/01)

     “A Cure for Poverty”, by Andrew Solomon,

      Fortune (04/30/01) “Stock Shock”

                   Newsweek, (03/19/01 “The Web’s Dark Secret”,by Rod Nordland and Jeffrey Batholet

      (T)here Magazine, Issue 4

2000       The New York Times Sunday Magazine (12/24/00)

     “The Making of an 8-Year Old Woman”, by Lisa Belkin

      American Photography 16


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